Breaking news! !! Tried to touch the new GAS IDE ~ Changes and impressions / concerns ~


Finally, some of my Google account companies have applied the new GAS IDE!!!

Let’s touch it lightly and summarize the old and new comparisons and personal initial feelings and questions. The impressions I wrote when I received the release notification a few days ago are as follows, so I will comment on the gap when I actually touched it.

To be honest, I only touched it for about 30 minutes, so please forgive me for any omissions.

OK, Let’s go!!


GAS:What the New IDE looks like

For the time being, is it what it looks like? Material design has been adopted, the top menu has disappeared, and it feels like it is unified in the sidebar.

I think it’s easier to see and intuitively understand.


Summary of changes in appearance

I will list as much as I can understand.

New IDE Appearance changes
  • The top menu disappeared (File, Edit, Run, Publish, Library, etc. are not in the menu bar)
  • The menu has been unified in the sidebar
  • The deploy button is displayed at the top
  • Library management added in editor
  • Google APIs has become easier to work with in the form of services

The overall impression is that it is clean and easy to see, with no major differences from the demo published on Google cloud next in the summer.

List of sidebar menus

The sidebar has the following menus.

The main functions of the components are as follows.

ComponentsMain Functions
OverviewA summary of the project is displayed. Here is an overview of what was displayed on in the old IDE
EditorEditor screen. Like a monaco editor, the editor itself is
TriggerTrigger installation / abolition screen. Almost the same as the trigger screen on
execution logsA screen where the script execution log remains. Almost the same as the number of execution screens on
Project settingsRuntime change, manifest.json display, script ID display, cooperation with GCP

The one who is faster to see. It doesn’t look weird, but the elements that I had to look at at have been integrated into the IDE, so I think it’s convenient for listing.

Main editor screen component

The following buttons are displayed on the editor screen. There are three elements: file/library/service.

Let’s look at each one.


When you press the plus button of the file, it looks like this. Only scripts and HTML can be added, there are no options such as adding projects or sheet docks.


Then, the library looks like this. It’s similar to the old library, but you can only specify the script ID.


When you press the service button, it looks like this. It is easier to link related APIs of google.

How easy is the editor to use?

Input assist, which was called Content Assist, is still alive in the new IDE and remains in the form of autocomplete.

Also, the action of the execution log has become faster. The execution result has been changed so that it is displayed on the screen below.

Logger.log is also much faster to experience. I think there is something that was just sung in real-time and release.

Also, can you see from the above figure that folding works as planned? The myFunction function is collapsed.

Function of the deploy button at the top right of the screen

When I wondered what the deploy button is, the functions such as [Introduce as executable API] and [Introduce as web application] that could be processed in the previous [Publish] tab are arranged here.

What do you do if you can’t find it at first? I thought, but it was here. Peace of mind.

Also, a new button called Library was added. I think this is something I use when I publish the library myself, but I haven’t tried it yet, so I think I’ll report the exact behavior someday.

Concerns ~ Script properties are missing in GUI ~

Well, personally, there was one concern, or a mysterious change.

I put it in the heading, but no matter where I look for a screen to enter script properties in the GUI, it doesn’t exist. .. In the previous version, it looks like the following.

When it comes to what it’s used for, I used to hold values to put in environment variables that I generally don’t want to write directly. Is API key or Sercret a major usage? Besides that, it was an indispensable function that can be used as a temporary storage of data, is quite convenient, or is used as an environment variable.

No matter how much I look for it, I can’t find it. ..

Please tell me Google. Do I have to setproperty API keys, Secrets, and other Tokens with a script once, and then delete the script?

I think it’s a shame, but I haven’t seen all the other documents yet, so I personally expect that Google is preparing something else for it. I would like to look for it after this. I’m in trouble without it, really. ..

Github assistant is not supported

Well, I don’t think there is anything I can do about this, but at the moment, the new IDE does not support the github assistant (chrome extension).

We are expecting the support of function implementers or members.

Postscript: github assistant issue in github

I wrote that it is not supported, but an issue has already been set up in the github repository, and the owner made the following comment.

I'll take some time to look at the new IDE, but sadly I can't promise anything because this extension is totally build on many hacky things used in the previous IDE, one idea is to switch some internal RPC calls to the Google apps script API (which is the backend of clasp), but I don't know whether I can get enough time to do that.
Add support for new IDE · Issue #129 · leonhartX/gas-github
With the imminent release of the new IDE can the extension be updated to work with it? Particularly important as I can remember reading somewhere that we'll...

Personally disappointing: Monaco but no diff! There is no VCS!

As a function I expected in the previous blog, I personally raised the diff function.

Well, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be applied. It’s called monaco editor. .. I feel like it, but I can’t help it. .. In the absence of VCS, code management seems to have more problems, or the local clasp group seems to be advantageous.

With that in mind, I’m looking forward to github assistant.


This time, I reported the feeling of touching the new IDE by saying “Breaking news !! I tried touching the new GAS IDE-changes and initial feelings / concerns-“.

Overall, it’s a good evaluation, but the fact that the script property has disappeared is quite negative for environment variable management, so I think it’s better not to remove it. I think it was an update that seems to be.

Also, VCS is still weak, so I’m looking forward to github assistant.

I think that there are many stories that I do not understand well with this alone, so I am currently creating a comparison table of acclaimed old and new targets. Well, I’ll do my best to release it in the near future.

See you!!

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