How to create a self-made library with GAS and reuse scripts ~ Part 2: GAS major external library ~


Well, there is still a long way to go to use your own library, but last time I looked at how to use the library.

If you want to check how to import/use the library, please read the following.

Actually this time, I have not yet entered the self-made library, but I will introduce major GAS external libraries. If you find a library that you need while looking at the use case, please try using it.。


GAS popular 3rd-party library


This is a GAS-compatible version of “moment.js”, which is a major library for date related to js. It is convenient because you can use it as it is while watching the official reference.

Project key: MHMchiX6c1bwSqGM1PZiW_PxhMjh3Sh48

OAuth2 for Apps Script

Library for handling OAuth2. When you want to use API, it will simplify handling such as token acquisition。


Script ID: 1B7FSrk5Zi6L1rSxxTDgDEUsPzlukDsi4KGuTMorsTQHhGBzBkMun4iDF

Slack API Library for Google Apps Script

A library that makes it easy to handle Slack that everyone loves from GAS. You buzzed at Quiita for a while.


Project key: M3W5Ut3Q39AaIwLquryEPMwV62A3znfOO


Library for making spreadsheets SQL like. For those who want to perform update work in SQL ticks. I think that non-professional engineers have likes and dislikes.


Project key: MAoZrMsylZMiNUMljU4QtRHEMpGMKinCk

Firestore for Google Apps Scripts

A library that facilitates authentication for using firestore from GAS. Since the firestore itself is Google’s PF for mobile, it may not have much contact with non-professional engineers. If you use it, you need to set it in advance (such as setting a private key), but I think it will be easier.


Script ID: 1VUSl4b1r1eoNcRWotZM3e87ygkxvXltOgyDZhixqncz9lQ3MjfT1iKFw


This time, I introduced major libraries to get used to them.

If you are interested, please import and use it. And I hope you can compare the usage and usability. If you can feel the usability of a person’s library with a sense of skin, you will know how to feel and use it easily when creating your own library.

Please use the libraries of others effectively as an outpost of your own library.

It is important for engineers that reinvention of the wheel is not fundamental.

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