What we can by Google apps script(GAS)


Target Users

  • who interested but not sure what we can do by google apps script
  • who will be promoting automation in admin dep
  • who are non-professional programer but interested programing
  • who interested work efficiency by using programing

What is Google Apps Script?

GAS is the name of an extension of G-suite service provided by Google.

by using GAS, it supports making extension function and manipulating Gmail, SpreadSheet, and more.

And this GAS supports 13 types of Google services, not only Gmail / SpreadSheet.

Further more, GAS is origin from Javascript that is programing language, and it is very familiar to programing beginners. For beginners, comparison with Ruby(famous in startup sector) or Python(famous in machine learning sector), javascript is easy to learn in a relatively short time.

With the easy-to-learn Javascript-based GAS, you can operate spreadsheets, etc., which has the advantage that practical effects can be easily exhibited in a short period of time.

This makes it very easy to overcome that beginners are often stumbling following situation:
studying programming, but eventually take the time to do something visible.

Items of operational efficiency using specific

Various blogs have been showing examples of operational efficiency using GAS. If you google for “operation efficiency GAS” etc., I think many articles will appear.

【sample blogs ( only in Japanese)】
Qiita article:GoogleAppsScript(GAS)を使用した業務効率化事例集


I hope this blog(https://admin-it.xyz) also will introduce more examples in the future.

Many existing cases will be patterned as below:

  • Customizing datas in spreadsheet
  • Copy and Paste from data in Gmail to Spreadsheet
  • Automatically sending G-mail (on-event fired , daily as step-mail, weekly, monthly)
  • Managing data entry by combining Goolge forms and spreadsheets

It also works well with other SaaS services, not just with Google Services.

  • chat tool such as Slack、Chatwork
  • task management tool such as Trello、Github
  • accounting system such as Freee

However, for services other than Google services, it is easier to process by using APIs if they serves API.

So I think it would be better to use services for which APIs are provided.


In any case, it’s most important to take a step first and try it out.

I hope you make time to proceed with examples in various blog posts and GAS tutorials.

let’s have fun and take a step first!