Try glide(no-code app) 〜Overview〜


This time, let’s move away from python and GAS and try to create something like WebApps without writing any code.

Creating by code is not the only way to create a WebApp. Or rather, code writing is usually necessary to make Apps, but No Code/PWA is popular in this trend.

People who belong to the administration department will almost never have a chance to make WebApps, and I am not sure whether learning html system will be beneficial from now on.

Under such circumstances, I feel that NoCode/PWA will be a very powerful support tool.


What is PWA?

PWA stands for Progressive Web Apps.

Is it a revolutionary Web application? Let’s be honest if this name is really good, but it’s certainly innovative in that we can create applications without code.

Of course, since I do not write code, there are restrictions on what I can create, but I understand that it is worthwhile if you want to feel like making it a little, when you want to look light inside the hot zone or when it is for demo.

Above all, the time required for production can be shortened surprisingly because the code is not written.

Let’s try glide

Now, let’s actually use glide. As an image, it is a service of the following form.

Process image

The underlying data for display is built on a basic spreadsheet, so it is important to be able to create a data structure on the spreadsheet that is easy to view (easy to see) with glide.

Sign-up and linking account

For the time being, create an account from this URL.

glide sign-up URL

I think that the following screen will come up roughly, so press Get Started.

after clicking “Get Started”, it will appear bring up the Google account selection screen.

Sign Up screen

Click Continue with Google and select the gmail account you want to log in to.

Notes for people who have multiple Google accounts

If you have multiple Google accounts, you can log in with each one.

On the other hand, you cannot log in with one account and use the data from another account. Data will be linked to each gmail account.

Please note that if you want to display data across accounts, you need to collect the data in one of the accounts and aggregate it in advance.

Let’s link sheet data

When sign up is completed and you can log in, you will see a screen like the attachment (sorry, I have already created multiple apps in my account, so apps are lined up)

Dashboard after sign up

If you click “+ New app” here, the spreadsheet associated with the account is displayed, and you can select the items you want to link. It is not a sheet unit, but a spreadsheet unit.

Select the spreadsheet you want to link and the application is complete. Creation is completed in a few minutes.

Roughly this is Output!

As a test, I am making a self-introduction application based on the following data.


The above data can be displayed on glide as below.

glide screen

It looks like something. Normally, I write html in GAS, create template, and so on, but I can pass a set and make apps like that.


Compared to other Nocode type apps, glide really has few steps and you can work. Of course, there are few things that can be done inside out, and there are restrictions, but I think that it is perfect for the needs to display it a little like Apps.

In addition, you can omit the part where html was written in GAS so far, and as I will explain next time, you can also display image data and location data properly.

I think non-professional programmers in admin-section are used to working with spreadsheets, so why not give it a try while killing time?