Content wanna continue studying under COVID-19(with living covid-19)

Miscellaneous notes

It’s a corona that doesn’t seem to heal either domestically or globally.

I think that large companies are starting discussions on remote work and discussing operating methods on the premise of remote work.。

In the first place, if you are in an environment where you can not reach remote work, I think that there is an urgent need to consider how to get to the start line of remote work.

Personally, the basic stance is that the world of after corona will not easily arrive and the with corona era will continue worldwide.

Under such circumstances, I’m thinking about learning methods with corona era on an individual level, so I hope to publish some of them.


An era of shifting to remote learning, not upshifting

Offline learning is actually a very efficient method because it is a method that has been built up based on our knowledge and experience.

However, if it is a remote assumption, it may not actually work if you simply bring the offline learning method online. The reason is that offline learning is ingrained on the instructor’s side in thinking not only the face of the other person but also the next move while watching all reactions, and there is a part that depends heavily on tacit knowledge.

So what is learning in the pure online era?

Step-by-step online learning trends

First of all, I think the following trends will become stronger. I don’t think that small-scale meet-ups as a place for offline learning will be abolished, but because it is not possible to implement trends, it seems that alternatives will become stronger.

【individual learning】

  • Learn parts and parts on blogs etc. for individual learning (text learning)
  • Increasing study content on youtube etc. (video learning)
  • Want to study the whole picture and basics, and learn using udemy and online learning tools (overall learning)

To be honest, I wonder if before and after corona and with/after corona do not change so much. However, the number of contents is likely to increase overwhelmingly. An image that needs more sites that cleanly categorize and provide increased content (how to personalize without just dividing into beginners)。

If the number of people who have not used it until now increases to participants, it seems that such online hospitality needs will increase.

【Developmental learning】

  • Increasing number of people wanting to know more and increasing recruitment of online mentors
  • I want to give back to people, start community and communication (teach and learn)
  • Increasing number of services for finding places to give back

I think there will be more mentoring things that haven’t happened so far.

Also, I think that the online community where people of the same level like non-professional lab will be activated, but on the other hand, the online community up to now was a support tool for the offline community, so pure online community I am interested in how it will be formed and developed.

After that, the community is a basic free return, but if the remote work era or things like employee restraints really decreased, I am interested in how online side jobs will increase the return. .. I think it will increase, but the image is that the shape is not yet visible. Who is the start-up that pioneered here?

【Progress of related tools】

  • The emergence of small learning community sites that replace slack
  • Expansion of mentor service
  • Content creation support tool

I wonder if the way the community operates will change the most. I am wondering how the transition from a site that can be used free of charge to slack up to now to a site with rich pure community functions will progress.

We are planning to provide a fan site management tool for startups that we are involved with. I think this area is likely to be used for many purposes other than large-scale fan sites.

The rest is a mentor site. I think that the main flow is to find it in the community, but it is actually difficult to find a community or mentor suitable for your level, and here there is a tool such as introducing a suitable mentor by AI analysis of github repository etc. I feel that it is not strange even if it comes out. However, it is not suitable for people like me who keep all their repositories private. ..

From an era in which there is a difference in reserving time to an era in which there is a difference in selecting content

I think it was how to reserve time for self-learning in the before corona era, but with the corona era, everyone has secured time fairly, the difference in individual learning steps is what content to use efficiently to study I wonder if it will be the age of.

I personally use udemy and online programming learning tools a lot. Among them, I tried to pick up the contents that I have received so far with udemy tool and have received a good evaluation personally


現役シリコンバレーエンジニアが教えるPython 3 入門 + 応用 +アメリカのシリコンバレー流コードスタイル

Isn’t this the most comprehensive video for python-begginer in Japanese?

There are 290 lessons for 30 hours and 24,000 yen, so if you can study this much for 800 yen per hour, it seems that there is a sufficient return on investment. In the past, such as how to use closures and decorators, etc. This includes the content that was introduced in this blog, such as non-super-introductory content, as well as the bite of SQL server systems. Of course, you can also use basic basic operations, conditional branching, dictionaries, sets, arrays, etc.

Also, the environment settings such as how to use pycharm and conda are lightly touched first. However, I think it would be better if the section for docker was simple.

Learn Python Programming Masterclass

This is an English version, but the content is of a level that could also be a dictionary.

Since it is English, some people dislike it, but the speed of English is slow and it is very easy to listen to. This is the content where I first studied python comprehensively.

It’s 18,000 yen for 50 hours, so it’s 360 yen per hour, it is reasonable.


Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

Here is what I think was the most efficient way to study data science.

It explains extensively the basic modules and libraries that you might use in data science. The script was like I brought it from the official document, so if you stumble while reading the document, you may use it here.

Although it is in English, it is also slow and easy to listen to.


I messed up my writing.

Well, I think it would be nice if someone interested could read it, and I want the context of lifelong learning and recurrent education to be stronger, so I’m a person with a stance, so I can change the times when no one was able to do it. Corona (or rather, an image of a disease or a natural disaster) has various meanings as the origin of the force, and it makes me realize once again that it is amazing.

Rather than expecting that the corona will end and return to normal, it is the human ability to adapt to the changes of the times, so if you are looking for a way of learning and lifestyle in this environment I think.